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Quotes Thank you for doing such a spectacular job of making me up for my Neiman Marcus trunk show event. The makeup up was subtle and natural, just as I like it, but made me look (and feel!) radiant. The lipstick lasted for hours and hours! You have magic in your hands! Quotes
Warm Regards, Dana Buchman

Quotes You did my makeup the day I left on a long, transatlantic flight. I don't know what you did, but I flew for 21 hours and when I got there, my makeup was still perfect!!! Quotes
Ettienne Liebman

Quotes Donna Abate at Norris Hair Salon has been doing my make-up for years. She is fabulous! I love her trendy seasonal color updates. I first discovered her right before I hired her to do my wedding 9 years ago. She is honest and up to date about what looks good and what doesn't. Very talented! You will not be disappointed! Quotes

Quotes Donna Abate did my makeup for my wedding 2 years ago, she even came to my hotel and did my bridesmaids and my mother and we all looked like movie stars. I have come back to her since then to get updates on my makeup and just love the tricks she has shown me! I feel more beautiful than ever and always get compliments on how polished I look and how much better my makeup lasts over the course of a long workday staring at a computer screen! I bought several of the products she offers directly and while it costs more, I will never go back to buying drugstore makeup again. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and cheap looks cheap! Thank you Donna, I feel like I was part of a makeover shows! Quotes

Quotes Four of us went to Donna Abate for make-up lessons with the caveat that we wanted our session to be fun and instructional for everyone. We had had a bad experience the year before at S_____ and we didn't want to repeat that uncomfortable and expensive experiment. Donna was GREAT! She looked at everyone's make-up and picked from mine to give to Jenny - and picked from Kenda's to give to me, etc. So everyone saved money. We all loved her products and bought some of her stuff, but she didn't push her stuff needlessly. At the end of the evening, everyone looked wonderful - very age appropriate. And our ages varied wildly! Donna gave us charts and explained carefully about what she was doing, and told us little tips to help us be able to follow her instructions at home. Donna was fun and funny and we had a great time. We will definitely go back again and again! We were there until very late, and the staff was still there to check us out with no complaints - they were SO nice!! Quotes

Quotes Donna Abate is the best make up artist in Houston. She is so helpful and generous. She will create a look for a special occasion and/or everyday use. Quotes

Quotes Donna Abate is the best makeup artist in town! She did my wedding seven years ago and continues to do my makeup today. Her products are awesome too! Quotes

Quotes While Donna is an excellent make-up artist, she is equally proficient as a teacher. She always helped me to leave the salon understanding how I could duplicate her make-up application at home. She was economical in her suggestions, never pushing me to buy items that I didn't need. We reviewed what I had in stock so that I didn't duplicate. Donna is unfailing in her kindness and concern for her customers. While I now live in Naples, I keep in touch with Donna and go to the salon for services when I am in Houston. Quotes

Quotes I have been going to Norris for several years now, and I refuse to go anywhere else. I have gotten haircuts, up-dos, make-up applications, and mani/pedis there, and all have been fabulous. Donna, one of the make up artists at Norris, is amazing and I would definately recommend her to anyone looking for a special look for an evening out, or especially a bride looking for someone to do her make up for her special day. Young ladies, the stylists at Norris can set you up with a beautiful one of a kind up do for homecoming or prom, or brides, they will take care of your for your wedding day. Inside Norris itself is beautiful, full of old world charm. If you have a pedicure at Norris, I promise you will never want to have one any where else ever again. Highly recommended!!! Quotes

Quotes No matter how you're feeling when you walk into Norris, you will leave feeling fabulous. This is especially true if Donna Abate does your makeup. She is simply amazing. Before my first visit to her, I thought I already knew how to do my makeup and I was great at it. Then I met Donna and she worked her magic. She changed the shape of my face with her colors and brushes. And she is constantly on the cutting edge of all things beauty. Just try it. You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll feel fabulous! Quotes