Fall / Winter 2017 MAKEUP TRENDS

Spring is the perfect time to work on our skin, preparing the canvas to show off our effortless makeup.  A luminous complexion is the basis for every look. High impact eyeliner, lipsticks and shadows in versatile shades are in this spring, creating a soft, ethereal look.

EARTHY GREENS: For eyes, try using forest green in place of brown. It’s an easy swap. It’s different without being too bright.

COOL BLUES: Test the waters with Navy and Eggplant liners. These tones make the whites Of your eyes brighter. Inky black liner will add some Drama for the evening.


BRIGHTEN UP: Cheerier than red but every bit as statement making, a rosy lip puts your look squarely into the now. Top this off with gloss for a deep, long lasting shine. Not into pink? Red will always remain the undisputed star.

A FRESH TAKE: Radiant skin has an undeniable appeal. Reach for an ultra sheer airbrush foundation to blur

any imperfections-this formula is water based, and feels like air-perfect for our Houston climate.


Book your Seasonal Update Application-a lesson and application in one. You will receive a lesson chart with complete instructions. 1 hour 15 min. $45 Bring a new client with you, and receive $50 in makeup products. Bring your makeup and brushes. Call me directly, email or text to book your appointment. 713-416-8990.

Salons hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-6. Sunday appointments are also available for makeup applications or seasonal updates.

For appointments call Donna’s Cell: 713-416-8990
located in Eliana’s Salon
 2033 Post Oak Blvd Houston 77056